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At Unprocessed Kitchen it is our mission is to provide you delicious, healthy and satisfying meals from the convenience of your own home.  Whether we are providing full In house services (cooking, serving and cleaning) or providing pre-Prepared meals for your family and guests (meals that are prepped, packaged and left in your refrigerator) our goal is to give you the best possible ingredients with the most satisfying flavors.

We understand that eating well is important to you.  We also understand that eating well can require hours of prep and cook time which most people do not have, or if on vacation do not want to spend cooking and cleaning.

At Unprocessed kitchen we have a team of highly qualified chefs to assist with whatever cooking needs you have.  

Custom Meal Preparation  

great for casual get togethers, regular family meals/snacks, or accommodating smaller groups without the expense or intrusion of someone serving you in your home.  

Whether on vacation or just needing a break from the grind of feeding your family, we are here for you!  

We cook for you with the care and love you would for your family!


Private In - House Chef Services

  private in home dining with full service and clean up
 one day or multiple day/week Chef requests
custom prepared meal Preperation - one time or regularly scheduled service available
 one on one cooking classes

or any combination of services

.  Everything we do is custom, so if you wish it, we dish it!

Photo credit - Sargent Schutt Photography

Photo credit - Sargent Schutt Photography



Alicia started unprocessed kitchen in order to provide a convienent avenue for obtaining food that is not only delicious but is homemade with nutritious ingredients.   We make food that you would be proud to serve your family,  if you had the time to spend the day in the kitchen.

Unprocessed Kitchen has grown into a service offering

Custom meal Preparation

Private in house chef services

one on one cooking classes


  Alicia is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City.  The Natural Gourmet Institute offers a world renown program for teaching the unique mix of gourmet culinary arts coupled with nutrition.   Her specialty is transferring traditional comfort foods into more nutritious offerings without flavors getting lost in translation.  She was trained to create beautiful gourmet food that is not only complex and beautiful but nourishes the body at the same time.  She is able to create traditional fare as well as having an extensive training in cooking for all dietary restrictions.

Alicia's passion for food has been an extended journey.  Growing up in the midwest, she grew up a self proclaimed junk food junkie.... she would not even touch a vegetable until the age of 18.  Unfortunately, diabetes and cancer runs in her family.  At the age of 25 she lost her father to a difficult battle with cancer.  

This loss impacted her relationship with food and was when she started to experiment with eating fresh, whole foods, staying away from processed food filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients.  The catch to this change in lifestyle was that she was not willing to sacrifice flavor for health so she have spent many, many hours in the kitchen experimenting to make healthy food feel and taste indulgent.   

Over years of reading, self education, and changing the way she ate and cooked,  she noticed a difference in her skin, energy, stomach/intestinal comfort and function, immune health, all the way down to sleep patterns and mood swings.   Hello happier life!   

Alicia learned these changes have been the key to not only looking good but most importantly to feeling good, having energy and feeling healthy and alive.

Using this unique skill set Alicia started Unprocessed Kitchen and had developed a team of chefs that can assist you with all of your cooking needs

Unprocessed kitchen is now offering Private Chef Services, One on One Cooking Classes as well as a convenient Custom Meal Preparation.

We hope that you use her skills and extensive knowledge!  She is an open book and always eager to share!




Alicia brings a wealth of nutritional
knowledge to her innovative culinary skills.
To be able to create "clean" with dishes that
are colorful, inviting, and delicious is a rare
talent. Alicia has great energy and is very intuitive
to your needs which she executes very well"
/  Satisfied client - ~Theresa Dowling - Wilson, WY /